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Gundog Training

Gundog training is run in Groups up until your dog has completed successfully Puppy 12-20 weeks training and then Junior Gundog training so that all dogs are at the same level when joining ongoing weekly group sessions.

Alternatively 1-2-1 sessions are available for Gundog training.

Pet Gundog groups are also available to those wishing to train their gundog breed but not necessarily work them in the field.


Puppy Gundog

Puppy Gundog group focuses on the foundations of becoming a well behaved and well trained working dog or pet.

All through having fun with your dog, through retrieving or games, just making sure you are the best option for your dog, every time.

Puppy groups are 5 weeks long and consist of...




Intro to whistle

Handler - Dog relationship.

This is all fun based with no pressure on the dog to perform, positive reward based Gundog training.

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