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Elevated Grey Bed - Large

Elevated Grey Bed - Large

  • Created with extra strength rust-resistant stainless steel in a reinforced frame
  • This raised dog bed hovers 15cm from the floor – perfect for avoiding those cold winter floors
  • Suitable for both inside and outside use
  • This elevated dog bed has a special weave fabric that allows for excellent airflow beneath and through the bed, to prevent your pet from overheatingduring the summer months.

The Outer dimensions for this raised dog bed are as follows (height 15cm for all):
Small = 75cm x 47cm
Medium = 106cm x 62cm
Large = 114cm x 76cm

Size Advice

We recommend the following sizes based on the following dog types as a guide:

Elevated Raised Dog Bed Large - Border Collie, Dalmation

Elevated Raised Dog Bed Medium - Beagle, King Charles Cavalier

Elevated Raised Dog Bed Small - Jack Russel, French Bulldog, Westie


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