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Dorset Dog Training

Below are the services we can offer to help you with your puppies or older dogs.
Whether you need Behavioural help, 1-2-1 help outside or at home, puppy visits to start you off on the right track, Gundog training or group training sessions, you'll find it here.
Covering all of Dorset.

Doggie Jump

Training Groups

STAGE 1 - Puppy 12-20 weeks

(Click here) 

Weds 4th Oct 9.30am - 1 Space 

Sunday 15th Oct 11.30am - 1 Space 

Sunday 19th Nov 9.00am - OPEN

STAGE 2 - Any dogs 6 Months + 

(Click here)

Weds 4th Oct 10.30am - Open

Sunday 19th Nov 10.00am - Open

Obedience & Behaviour (reactive)  - (Click here)

Monday 25th Sept 1.30pm - FULL

Sunday 8th Oct 10.30am - FULL


Gundog Training

Puppy Gundog 12 - 20 Weeks

Weds 4th Oct 9.30am -  FULL

Sunday 15th October 11.30am - FULL


Beginner Pet Gundog 

Thurs 28th Sept 10.30am - 1 Space left

Sunday 1st Oct 11.30am - 1 Space left

Novice Pet Gundog Group 

Thursday 28th Sept 11.30m - FULL


Intermediate Retrievers/Spaniels

Thursdays 2pm Fortnightly 

Image by Beth Chobanova

Behavioural Visit

This is a visit designed for:
Dogs displaying aggression, reactivity, resource guarding, recall issues through prey drive, lead pulling to excess and chasing joggers or cyclists (and much more)
Just get in touch and we can help.

Dog Owners

Home Visit 1-2-1

A home visit to help with training in and around the home to progress your training or tips to combat things like jumping up at the table and food prep area, calmness in the home, toilet training and much more.
Just send us a message.

A Puppy Playing with a Toy

New Puppy Home Visit

A visit to your home to help set up for the new arrival, essential advice for you to make the puppy feel settled and at home straight away.


1-2-1 Training

Sessions at various secure locations throughout Dorset, tailored for you and your dog designed to help you move forward with your training or iron out problems you may be having.


Leave a review

This is the place to leave a review on your experience or read through the reviews we have received already.


Dorset Dog Training

I help both dogs and their owners understand each other better and live together in perfect harmony. Dorset Dog Training is a great option for gundog and pet dogs retraining and to correct problems that are causing you, or your animal, trouble. Contact me for peace of mind for you and your animals.

Offering balanced dog training, tailored to suit yours and your dogs needs.

Based in Dorset.

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