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Puppy Group Training

We run Puppy group training in three stages, the first stage focuses on socialisation within the group setting and learning new behaviours to become a polite and confident young puppy.

Stage 2 starts to focus on being a confident Pup outdoors and getting great recall and obedience around other dogs and people.

Stage 3 Advanced is the last leg of the journey to becoming an adult dog and tackling that all important teenage to adult phase and keep the recall and obedience at the forefront and cement that great relationship you've built since 8 weeks.

Training takes place: Near Wareham

Puppy 12-20              Weeks

       Stage 1



* Socialisation
* Confidence
* Sit & Lie Down
* Settle or Place when asked
* Walking with a loose lead
* Handling
* No jumping up
* Accepting others around           food, treats etc
* Come when called

Puppy 20 +


       Stage 2

Puppy Training.jpg


* Sit & Stay
* Down Stays
* Confident Recall
* Loose Lead Walking
* No Lunge Greetings
* Handler Focus
* Leave it & more
* Middle & Other fun games



Dog heel.jpg


* Heel walk on lead

* Off lead heel walk

* Return to Handler's side

* Indefinite stay

* Send to Bed 

* Stop command

* Send Away

* Advanced Recall

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