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Elevated & Foldable Pet Bed

Elevated & Foldable Pet Bed

•This raised dog bed uses a woven fabric that encourages airflow beneath and through the bed on those hot summer months.

• This elevated dog bed is constructed using a high-strength and durable material.

• Contains a rust-resistant, stainless-steel frame.

• This raised dog bed is excellent for both indoor and outdoor use, and ideal for both hot and cold conditions.

• Helps to prevent cold related aches and pains during the cold months.

• This elevated dog bed incorporates foldable legs - Perfect for travelling, holidays, camping or even storage when not in use.

• Available in three different sizes: Small, medium, large.

• Available in the following colour: Black.

Please ensure you check the size of your pet against our size chart to avoid having to return your product.

SMALL - 70x45x18cm. 

MEDIUM - 80x55x18cm.

LARGE - 105x65x18cm.

Please note that if your pet damages the product or it has been heavily used, this will affect your return rights.

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